Information Made Beautiful by
SendPoint Books 2015
New Retro by Victionary 2021
Japanese Motifs in Contemporary
Design by SendPoint Books 2019
Bon Apetit by SendPoint Books 2016
Material Matters by Victionary, 2019
Brand Magazine Issue #21 (2015)
Fully Visualized by Ginkgo Press (2019)
Exquisite by Sendpoint Books (2019)
Art Quarter Mag by Moon Ant (2017)
Third Wave Design by Pie Books (2017)
Color Palette Nude by Victionary (2022)
New Folk Art by Victionary (2022)
The Dieline

Media & Awards

Pentawards (Illustration for Lost
explorer Mezcal, in collaboration with Menta Branding (Packaging) 2022
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